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A Love & Passion

For what we do

Simply Stunning Sterling Silver and Fashion Jewellery

Parsons & Jack is a family run business that has been trading at many of the most prestigious shows throughout the UK for over 15 years.

We are a UK based jewellery lifestyle brand that began life when we realised that there was little to no affordable nickel free fashion jewellery readily available in the British market place.

Since our inception in 2002 we have expanded our range to include a high quality range of sterling silver jewellery that features an equestrian element, a botanical inspired range and classic designs with a modern slant.

With a combined lifetimes worth of experience in retail management, art and design we are committed to providing excellent customer service across all of our retail platforms.

Our inspiration comes from the Great British country lifestyle, the natural world around us and classic design, to which we add a contemporary twist.

Based in South Derbyshire we travel all over the UK to a large number of country shows and select events where our brand values and ideals resonate with our increasing customer base.

We hope you find our on line presence a lot like shopping with us in person, affordable, accessible but most of all fun.

Thank you,

Parsons & Jack

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