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 Chelle Attwater



Chelle Attwater is a Derbyshire based landscape painter working in acrylics and mixed media. She uses the inspiration of nature, wildlife and the coast of Great Britain to create original artworks on canvas and slate. 

Using energetic brush strokes and mark making, Chelle is able to capture the texture of natural landscapes within her beautiful canvas works. She also paints naïve landscapes and country village scenes on slate, using the slate to add a natural and textured element to her work, helping to bring her designs to life.

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Chelle started her artistic career as a graphic designer, working with interior designers and directly with restaurants to paint large abstract commissions. Having always had a creative flare, Chelle has been trading at many of the large and prestigious country and county events as a jewellery Retailer for the past 18 years. She also has a Keen and ongoing passion for photography, something that keeps her busy in her spare time.

Chelle has been producing art from a very young age, what started as replicating the illustrations from the fronts of greeting cards developed into an intense devotion for art. 

While originally art was just a creative outlet, that changed in 2017 following a life-altering event. Chelle now uses art as a means of therapy, as well as the opportunity to make a living from her true passion.

These days, Chelle and her wonderful dog Dylan can be found in her Derbyshire-based studio listening to 80’s music and doing what she loves; painting landscapes.

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